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When looking to adopt a sweet, loving puppy into your family don't forget how invested your heart will be and those of your entire household. Many things can ruin this loving experience for years to come. What could possibly go wrong?







































































Don't take a chance with this most imporant decision.      Decide on quality & value!













                       Puppy With Dad - Benji                                                   Puppies With Mom - Heidi

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Maltese Angel Babies are $2,500

and up

depending on demand, cost of delivery, quality of puppy, etc...

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Without elaborating, let's first look at a value/price chart. This chart shows common issues that befall the unwary when purchasing a Maltese puppy from others. It also shows that we do not usually have any of those issues. Why? Because we specifically have processes and practices in place to avoid them in the first place! Sound unbelievable? See our many testimonials.

Creating an Angel Baby starts long before conception. We are very deliberate about maintaining a calm, happy, clean & healthy environment for all of our adults, Meeting their ever changing nutritional needs with the highest quality foods is paramount. Then there's exercise and socialization which is addressed throughout each day. We artificially inseminate to have the greatest control over all aspects of procreation. Pregnant Mom's are seperated from the pack to give them greater rest, care nutrition and attention. The birth is managed by a highly qualified nurse. Each puppy is given individualized care based on their needs. These precious Angel Babies are with their Mom's 24/7 in a warm, classical music environment until they are weaned at 5 weeks. Then they transition into the happiest place on earth - Puppy Disneyland. Note: buying a puppy elsewhere and using this environment will not work. The puppy has to be trained with it from weaning onward. It is there that they play, interact, learn many things and become self assured.  They use their potty pad on their own, have access to food 24/7 and have lots and lots of toys to play with as well as their littermates.


And then, they go home. These Angel Babies are potty trained, are happy to play on their own, don't cry (because they have long been weaned from their Mom) and sleep through the night. As long as you, their new parent/s create the environment that they need and love you can look forward to a happy, uneventful transition! Again, see what other parents had to say about their experience!


Let's take a look at some real world puppy buying situations and how to avoid them.

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Disclaimer- There are exceptions to everything including our program. There may be a puppy with one of the issues above for some odd reason. Also, in order for a puppy to remain in the same behavioral pattern once in your home you must follow our recommendations. This especially applies to setting up a Disneyland environment where the puppy can thrive.