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                                                            The Price Of Quality!

















When looking to add a sweet, loving puppy to the family don't forget how invested your heart will be and those of your entire household. Many factors can ruin this loving experience for years to come. What could possibly go wrong?


1. You find the cutest puppy. He or she is everything you were looking for.

At about a year old you notice his/her mouth alignment looks "off". The vet tells you that his/her teeth aren't aligned properly (overbite, underbite) and he/she will need a dental intervention to correct it because it can lead to gum injuries, puncturing of the hard palate, abnormal positioning of adjacent teeth, abnormal wear and bruising of the teeth, permanent damage and subsequent death of one or more teeth and in the long run, premature loss of teeth. Cost = thousands of $$ to correct.











This could have been avoided by meeting the parents. Overbites and underbites are inherited. This is not usually obvious until the puppy is older.


2. You were told that your little bundle of joy would stay small. She grew up to be 14lbs!












This could have been avoided by meeting the parents. The puppy will usually turn out to be an average of the size that they are. If the breeder wants you to meet the parents in her car while she passes off the puppy to you, it's probably a puppy mill and you can expect the problems below.


3. If you bought your puppy from a puppy mill you probably wouldn't know it. Sellers usually want to meet you elsewhere to hand off the puppy in order to keep you away from the filthy, deplorable conditions that your puppy was born and grew up in. But that's ok you reason, I saved him or her from that plus the price was right! This is what you can look forward to:


Health problems






Food aggression

Difficult to house breaking

Difficult to leash train

Skin problems due poor nutrition

Lack of height or depth perception

Light sensitivity or avoidance

Surface sensitivity or avoidance

Hoarding (food or items)

Erratic sleeping patterns

Genetic problems due to inbreeding


This could have been avoided by meeting the parents and seeing the environment where he/she grew up. As much as you want to save and fix this puppy he/she can't be fixed. He/She is usually scarred for life and you will live with the heartbreaking consequences. Puppies raised in crowded filthy conditions, devoid of positive, regular human interaction are not being raised humanely or with any regard for what is needed psychologically and behaviorally to grow into a healthy, stable, family pet.


4. You've always wanted a baby faced puppy that stays cute forever. The puppy you bought has just that face - until he grows up and into a long snouted, beady eyed dog. You're not happy!
















This could have been avoided by meeting the parents. The puppy will look like them when he/she grows up. Usually you can't tell if a puppy will have a long or short snout until you meet the parents. If either the mother or dad have a long snout so will your puppy since it is a dominant trait.


5. You put down a payment for a 3 week old darling little Maltese that you are in love with. The breeder promised to send you pictures and keep you updated on milestones until she can go home with you.  After paying you haven't heard a thing. You finally did reach her but she had an attitude and brushed you off. When you picked up your baby they had switched her with another puppy. You told her you wanted the one you bought, she denies it. Impasse.












This could have been avoided by getting a puppy from a breeder that was recommended or get what she will do and when in writing. Take pictures of your puppy before you leave. This happens often! This type of breeder is very nice until they get your money and then you are at their mercy. All you can do is walk away and they keep it. Beware!
















The number one recommendation is to always visit where the puppy was born and raised. Never buy a puppy sight-unseen online. You should meet the parents of your puppy. The Mother should be friendly, outgoing and not shy or over protective. Where do the mother and puppies spend most of their time, in a cage or do they have a clean environment where they can interact and play?



What Can You Expect When Getting An Angel Baby From Us?


First, I am breeding for people who want an exquisite, loving addition to their family or for themselves. I am not breeding in order to place any of my babies for breeding purposes. All puppies must get spayed or neutered.

















I have owned and trained Maltese for 15 years. I started breeding my girls this year (2017). I get so much joy from every aspect of their pregnancy, birth, caring for the puppies but especially selecting & interacting with their new parents! The feeling of knowing that I had a part in changing someone's life for the better is indescribable!


I love developing a close relationship with those who are selected to parent one of our puppies. I take pictures of each of them at birth and then at least weekly thereafter. I do this for you, so that you have pictures of your baby from the very start. I feel this is essential for bonding. Once you have selected your baby and have been approved, I will send you pictures, emails (I am not a texter yet) and I make myself available to chat when you want or need me.


I am VERY scrupulous about all aspects of my breeding. See where our babies are born and raised here. In selecting our stud dog and the female bitches, I was very particular. This is my criteria:


The Maltese in our breeding program were hand picked to produce the following traits:

Small size 4-7lbs

Babydoll face

Big eyes

Good teeth

Tight Patellas

Silky coat

No genetic problems

Great disposition

Conforms to breed standards

No inbreeding


We specifically breed for babydoll faces.  A babydoll face has a short snout,   large eyes with dark pigment. This feature makes the dog look cutier and is more pleasing to the eye. Those big eyes, short nose and dark pigment is what is winning in the ring for show.  These features in combination is very rare to find. That's why a Maltese with these features is called a top tier Maltese.














This is not the time to hunt for a bargain. Your new puppy will be a member of your family for his lifetime, so you'll want to make a wise investment.


The cost of a Maltese Angel Baby is $2,500 + depending on size, conformity to breed standards, demand & the amount of care needed to thrive.    The price is the same for a Male or a Female (Breeding rights are not given)


You can expect to receive a HEALTHY,  happy, well-bred, well-raised, well-socialized puppy for its age.


We do accept PayPal that offers 6 months same as cash

















What to expect after you put money down for a puppy with us?


A joyful experience!

Frequent communication

Lots of pictures

Information and tips for caring for your new puppy

Ongoing access to me for anything I can help you with

1st Veterinary visit

1st Shot

1st Worming

1st Week of food

Paperwork from our Vet for your Vet

Peepee pads

Chew toys

Blanket that littermates and Mom slept on to take home

Bag of goodies to take home with you

A picture of you with your new baby

A special gift from me to you :)

Forever interest in you and your puppy



Don't take a chance with this most imporant decision.      Decide on quality!






underbite scissors overb

       Perfect Teeth                                      Underbite                                       Overbite

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            Unethical Breeder                                        Puppy Bought                                 Sick Puppy Given

      When Puppy                                                                      When Grown

                                 Puppy Mill

                           Puppy                                                                  When Grown            


                       Puppy With Dad - Benji                                                   Puppies With Mom - Heidi


                Benji                                       Anji                                 Cosette                              Zoey                   Heidi                      Lila    

Beemer Delila

                Delila                                                          Beemer

                                     From Heidi's Litter

0000055 IMG_5515

Sally With Puppy



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See our Angel Baby facility in our home here

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