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                       Expect An Excellent & A Joyful Experience!




















Although I am called a Maltese hobby breeder by definition I am more of a creator of Maltese excellence from conception to handing a perfectly cared for puppy to its new parent/s.


As a nurse, I am keenly aware of the part nutrition plays in each phase of my Maltese's life. Each has their own needs based on their function within our breeding program. There are the studs, non pregnant females, pregnant females, nursing mothers, nursing puppies and weaning puppies. Each one of my Maltese has their own special handmade diet to facilitate their specific needs.  The end result is pampered pooches and puppies of excellence without equal!














What Can You Expect From Me

Communication and transparency are VERY important to me! I will want to talk with you (not via text) and get to know you and likewise.  I will gladly answer your questions and concerns anytime to the best of my ability. I make myself available to you as much as possible.


I look forward to getting to know you as you get to know me. My greatest concern is selecting the very best parent/s for each angel baby.  The very best home to me is one that will provide lots of time and attention to their puppies needs because they need that to help them reach their full potential.

















When a litter is born, my husband takes pictures of each birth (if possible). He then creates an album on OneDrive for each puppy. I take pictures of the puppies almost daily and add them to their album. I do this to help you bond with your baby long before he or she goes home.  You will be able to view their firsts in life.  I also add videos.  I want you to know what goes on with your baby at the breeders! This continues until you pick up your baby!  Here is an album of one of our angel babies!ApAPRwn2G0Z-gP8kI8EuabxqgsBadQ

Put this link into your address bar.


Once you put a down payment on a puppy, you will be given the link to your album that already has lots of pictures of his or her first weeks. You can check it anytime to view newly added pictures or videos.


From the time you claim your baby till you pick him or her up there will be non-stop communication about all aspects of your baby and the care he/she is getting and will need.















I write a blog, "Tips From The Breeder", where I offer indepth information on everything you need to know  before and after you take your angel baby home. You can view it here . Be sure to read the comments and feel free to add your own!  See what Maltese Angel Baby owners have to say about their experience here












Our Process

Parents are selected by me based on my assurance that you will be a loving, attentive parent ascertained via our conversations. I will let you know that you will be a parent once your baby is born.  You will be invited to come to meet the parents and your newborn at around two weeks old.  (I do not allow people to tour my facility (home) other than prospective parents due to risks from parvo, etc...). If you want your puppy, it is at that time that we ask you to put down a $1,500 non-refundable deposit with the remaining to be paid at pick-up.  You will be given our contract when you put a payment down.





























The price of our puppies varies based on demand, the amount of care needed to thrive,  conformity to breed standards, pigmentation & size.

























Here are pictures of two of our puppies.




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