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How To Become An Approved Parent

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Creating beautiful Maltese Angel Babies comes with tremendous responsibility to find them the very best parents who will love and cherish them. We at Maltese Angel Babies want to make sure that every Angel Baby goes to a home that is safe and can provide for their lifelong pampered needs. 

Call First

Our approval process starts with a personal phone call to Sally. It then progresses to sending you our questionnaire and asking you to visit specific Maltese Angel Baby blog posts, read them and post a comment. Once these steps are completed, usually you will be approved. 

Call Sally at 503 484 7504

Do not call any other number. Don't get scammed!


Show Appreciation

We are looking for those whose heart is in it like ours is.  We like interactive parents who won't be afraid to ask questions. We definitely like those who show appreciation for all the extras that we do for you and your baby.

Be Prepared To Wait

Be prepared to wait for your Angel Baby to be born. We never have puppies waiting for parents, but we always have parents waiting for puppies. Often the wait time is several months depending on the length of our waiting list. The wait is definately worth it for these darling Angel Babies who will give you years and years of enjoyment.

Wait List

Ask to be placed on our wait list. That will ensure that you eventually get an Angel Baby.  Since we have such a demand, it won't be possible to get an Angel Baby unless you are on the wait list. 



 To be on the wait list first you need to apply. Once accepted as an approved parent you can put down a non-refundable deposit of $500 which will count toward the purchase price of your Angel Baby. You will be sent a Deposit Agreement before you place a deposit so that you can read the terms first.  If you decide to place a deposit we accept PayPal, Zelle, personal checks or cash as payment options. If you want to pay with a credit card you can do so through PayPal.

Countdown Starts

Once you are on the wait list, you will be notified when your Mom has come into heat and what the estimated birth date and estimated pick-up date will be.

While waiting, we encourage parents to begin preparing for their baby. In this day and age you never know if there will be a supply chain interruption.  It also makes the time go faster and it's fun!

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