Studs & Dams


Benji weighs 5-6lbs  He is a perfect representative of the breed standards for Maltese, His temperament is sweet, calm & loving lap dog.  His personality is friendly, protective, obedient and loves to please.  He is a service dog. He has silky soft hair! No health problems, no known genetic defects. He has created many of our beautiful Angel Babies.
Brahms is a beautiful, happy, outgoing 5-6lb Maltese. He has all black points and is built to Maltese breed standard. He is healthy,  playful and simply adorable. He takes his job seriously and is eager to make lots of beautiful Angel Babies. No known health issues.
Pixel is a delightful, happy, outgoing 4lb stud who was bred from Benji and Zoey. He has both of their striking exceptional good looks!  He is perfect to breed standard boasting all black points and built to perfection.  He is healthy and playful and is eager and ready to create beautiful Angel Babies. No known health issues
Sweetpea is a darling, sweet 3 1/2lb stud who refuses to be my baby! He's all "man" who only has eyes for the girls.  He is feisty, energetic, tiny, fully grown and has already fathered tiny little Angel Babies. He will give the occasional kisses but he's all business! No known health issues.
Mia is a 6lb darling! She loves to jump and play with all the other Maltese in the pack. She is sweet, loving and wants to please. As you can see she has all the qualities we look for to create beautiful Angel Babies. Her babies will be stunning just like her! No health issues at all.
Gypsy is a beautiful darling 4lb  perfect representative of the Maltese breed. She is a bit shy but loves to cuddle and give kisses to those she loves. She has huge eyes that gaze into you when she looks at you with that pouty look. Of course she always gets her way! She is very healthy and happy with no health defects.
Ka-Mee (pronounced Camie)
Ka-Mee is a 6lb rare and highly sought after Korean Maltese. We scoured the world to find her. She is the 1st generation that was born in America from Korean Maltese parents. What makes them so sought after is their exquisite beauty.  Her eyes are huge, much more black eye liner around them than with other Maltese. All points are pitch black. Her hair is luxurious and long. Her shout/nose is shorter and her personality is so sweet and pleasing. We will select a breeding partner who will bring out all of her beautiful traits. She is very, very special!! If you are looking for something special or a little different within the breed, a puppy from her would fill that need.  No known health issues. 
Lila is the 6lb intellectual of the group according to my husband.  :)  She is very smart, intuitive and a great, patient Mother. She is graceful, quiet and contemplative. She has all the qualities that make beautiful Angel Babies and her babies are stunning! No health issues.
Rose is a 5lb beauty.  She is frisky, gets into stuff, chases all the others and is outgoing, happy and fun loving. She is Benji's daughter so her puppies are beautiful with exquisite black points to match hers. A perfect example of Maltese breed standard. No health issues.
Chanel is the largest Maltese that we have weighing in at 8 1/2lbs.  Her larger weight works well for those with children or folks looking for an outdoor enthusiast who can keep up. She is a smart, intuitive, loving, energetic, happy girl who loves to play with anyone! She has dark black points and is perfect to breed standards.  Her eyes are to die for - they are huge! No known health issues.
Cosette (Cozy)
Cosette is an elegant, demure 6lb Maltese perfect to breed standard.  She has produced beautiful, angelic Angel Babies. She is a loving and patient Mother. She loves her role as Mommy. She is sweet, loving but is only trusting of her pack. Lucky us! No known health issues.

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