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The Making Of An Angel Baby

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Angel Babies are..well..angelic!  This is no accident.  These beautiful puppies are the result of much planning, careful breeding and skilled care and training of the parents and puppies.  Let's take an inside look at our process.

It starts with selecting future parents that possess the traits we breed for which are Maltese breed standards, awesome personality, temperament and angelic button nose, baby faced features.  They are then lavished with the highest quality foods, vitamins, oils, socialization, play, training, etc... in our specially built nursery                                with an eye towards perfection!

Once grown they are responsibly bred with unrelated Maltese  to produce puppies that suit their waiting parents. Our labor and delivery set-up looks much like that of a hospital due to my nursing background.    

The above video shows where the Angel Babies are for 24/7 x 4 1/2 weeks with their mother giving them a firm foundation of security, love and consistency for life in an ideal setting. 

The mother is fed a diet high in calories, nutrients and oils to support and nourish the growing babies. The environment is filled with daily noises of a busy household and classical music (which is my preference). This makes them used to such noises in their future home.

Every Angel Baby is groomed several times before they go home to keep hair from their eyes, nails short and potty area clean.

Each Angel Baby is hand weaned 4 times a day until they are eating on their own.  No Angel Baby can go home unless they are sustaining their own weight and are thriving.  

At the same time, immediately after their separation from their mother the Angel Babies are introduced to what we call disneyland, because it's the happiest place on earth for them as they continue to develop and grow. See their reaction to disneyland on their 1st day. 

All their needs are met in this environment. They have a safe place filled with plush stuffies, hanging toys, a blanket, heating pad, peepee pad and food bowls.  It is highly recommended that waiting parents create their own disneyland for their new baby to facilitate a smooth, stress free transition to their home. So, when an Angel Baby goes home they are crate trained, peepee pad trained, eating on their own and sleeping all night.  Sound too good to be true?  See the comments at the bottom of the page here                                from happy parents.  We make it possible for you to have peace and joy with your darling Angel Baby from day 1! It also allows you to continue your life with baby in the safest place. Note: disneyland cannot be adopted by outside puppies. They were not raised in it and will thus reject it. 

There is much, much more to what we do here but this gives you a basic idea of what is involved in creating an exclusive, highly sought after, Maltese Angel Baby!

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