Our Mission


At Maltese Angel Babies, we are transparent. We don't believe that the first few weeks of your baby's life should be spent in a questionable environment with no information about your puppy.  Those first weeks form the foundation that his entire life will be built upon.  We take that seriously!  We also understand that most parents want to know what is going on with their baby from birth!  Toward that goal:

We send you the x-ray of your baby in the womb

download (4).jpg

We take pictures of mom in labor

We take pictures of mom & baby right after birth

After the birth, we create a photo album on OneDrive of your Angel Baby. We put all of the birth pictures in it and add pictures each week as your baby grows.  Here is a link of a previous parents' photo album.  ALBUM

Our breeding process includes you, the parent, from birth to your home.

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