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How To Get On Our "Wait List"
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3 Available Puppies In November

We offer a "wait list" for  those who qualify to adopt a Maltese Angel Baby. The typical wait is from 3 - 4 months but can be shorter or longer depending on many factors. I can tell you what the wait looks like when you are thinking of being added to it.

To qualify to adopt one of our coveted Angel Babies we ask that you fill out a questionnaire that Sally will send you at your request via email. Once we receive it back we ask that you visit our blog and read a couple of specific blog posts and make a comment on how you felt about the information presented.  This will tell you a lot about us and it will tell me what I'd like to know about you.

Once the above is completed you will be told if your were approved.  Most people are. It's at this time that we can do Zoom so that you can meet us and see any puppies that we have a "tour" our facility.  We earn your trust!


We then schedule a time that works for you and us to meet on the phone. We go over all pertinent information with you and whomever you also want on the phone. My husband Steve, will go over our Deposit Agreement which is a legally binding agreement. He will answer any questions you have.  Then he will tell you the ways that we take payments to accept your $500 (which is applied to the cost of your puppy) deposit.  He will then send it to your email address and you can remit a deposit when you'd like to.

You get put on our list when we receive your deposit and it is good funds.

To start this process, it starts with a warm, personal phone call to Sally. Adopting an Angel Baby from us is your very own unique Personal Adoption Journey.  

We are currently seeking approved parents for Mom's that will come into heat in November. We are expecting only 9 puppies.

Give Sally a call to reserve your November puppy!



             503 484 7504

Don't get scammed. Only call the

          number above.


I look forward to talking with you  :)

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