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Providing Joy, Love & Happiness

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Maltese Puppy Breeder in Salem, Oregon

Imagine bringing home a darling well adjusted, happy puppy that's already crate & pee pee pad trained, eats on its own and

 sleeps all night from day one. Our puppies do! This frees you to love

your Angel Baby and have a peaceful life without chaos and

sleepless nights.  Sound too good to be true? Read our testimonials

from happy parents who were pleasantly surprised.  maltese puppies in Oregon


We are a highly ethical, transparent, small home Maltese hobby

breeder  in Salem, Oregon. We specialize in producing healthy

 Maltese Angel Baby puppies with baby doll faces and large eyes

for an irresistable tiny bundle of joy, your darling baby! Maltese puppy breeder in Oregon


Angel Babies are highly sought after for their training, health, looks

and temperment. They are created and nurtured with the best nourishment, love, mothering, training and environment from birth

to your home. When you combine all of these factors no other

Maltese can compare!  teacup Maltese puppies, toy Maltese puppies, Oregon breeder Maltese, professional Maltese breeder in Oregon

The love and joy they bring starts when you finally have your Angel

Baby in your arms as you can see in each of these new parents.













The Maltese is said to be the most beautiful, elegant and regal dog

breed in the world.  They are adorable, playful, sweet, loving, loyal, cuddly, darling, intuitive, smart companions that few can resist!  On

top of all that, they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. What a combination of awesome traits! Maltese puppies for sale in Oregon, Oregon Maltese breeders

Our goal here at Maltese Angel Babies is to provide you with a

lifelong companion that is a superior representative of the Maltese Standard. By adopting one of our angels you can look forward to a

baby (we are hard pressed to call our angel babies - dogs) that is

well socialized, well adjusted and full of character.  Maltese dogs, Maltese babies, Maltese puppies, 















Breeding Angel Baby Maltese and working with the new parents is

an honor to us. Each Angel Baby reflects the love, care and devotion

that we lavish on them.

We are located just outside the Salem, Oregon area and are

dedicated to ensuring the happiness and health of each Maltese

Angel Baby we raise.  See our Angel Baby facility in our home


Many people come from cities across the USA to get their Angel


As an ethical breeder, I offer as much information about acquiring a

new puppy and about the Maltese breed in general as I possibly can.

I write a blog Tips From The Breeder blog                         where I educate people about the Maltese breed, the care and training of your

Maltese Angel Baby, common Maltese health problems, about the Maltese Standard and many other topics.

As responsible hobby breeders we love and treat our animals like

part of the family.  We are looking for those who want a precious, adorable baby to love, cherish and adore for its lifetime!  We want to know as much about you as you do about us before placing one of

our Angel Babies in your care. We do not place our puppies in pet

stores, with pet brokers or over the Internet. All of our parents and puppies live in immaculate conditions, eat the best foods available

and receive the best veterinary care!  You can rest easy with an

Angel Baby from us!

Thank you for dropping by,

Steve & Sally Bucks
Maltese Angel Babies Breeders

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 Steve and Sally work together to create the very best Maltese Angel Babies

See our last 3 litters born on 6/4, 6/6 & 6/13/2021 All puppies have been adopted.

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